Bernard Olson: Dr. Dust
Drums, percussion, keyboards, buttons knobs and switches and things
Mark Thompson: The Nail
Almost all the vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards
Greg Mathieson: Stegor
Guitars, bass, synths and programing thereof, storage jars, a little violin, artwork
Chris Waterbury: Kit
Keyboards, electronics, trumpet, guitar, bass,

Greg's first rather lame attempt at a Roger Dean-esque album cover for Limpid Green's "The Dakness is Surrounding Me." We were just pretending.

1976 - 1978: Limpid Green

Round-about 1976, before Bat Lenny, there was Limpid Green. Not so much a band, more of an activity. It wasn't "We are Limpid Green", it was more "Let's do Limpid Green." Yes, it was inspired by the line "Lime and limpid green..." from Pink Floyd's "Astronomy Domine." Mostly we experimented with tape and sound effects, without any regard to structure. From this period we accumulated several hundreds of minutes of sounds. Nothing significant came from it, but learn we did! Circa 1979, Limpid Green lost its positive qualities and shuffled off this mortal coil.

The Fisher CR 5010 with 3 heads In 1976 the center of our recording universe.

1979 - 1982
The members floundered and the Fisher collected dust.

Greg - (Stegor)

Bernard - (Dr. Dust)

Chris - (Kit)

Mark - (The Nail)

1983 - 1989: Bat Lenny - the early years


Our first recording session was held in a Greg's kitchen. Despite the convenient access to kitchen utensils, this environment left something to be desired so we relocated to Chris' basement. Unfortunately we were right under Mom & Dad's bedroom so we had to be really quiet. We used headphones and ended up with lots of whispered vocals.

Sometimes a signature sound is born out of necessity...


Quasi Quo

In 1985 we released Quasi Quo. There was much reaction. "October 31st" was included on Passed Normal Vol 2 the Cassette which accompanied Passed Normal the album which was included in the Ralph Records catalog. It's a long way around, but to be that close to some of our biggest influences was a real trip. Track #1, right before Snakefinger!

March of the Small Ones

For the next tape in 1989 we conjured the name March of the Small Ones from one of our old unreleased songs. "Surf" made it all the way to number two on the "Univeral Top 12", as compiled by the Bob 2000 Computer on the syndicated radio show "The Little City in Space". "Delphi" was included on the Audio Alchemy CD, a compilation of DiY'ers released by What Next? Records.

Stream of Unconsciousness

1990 - 1999: The middle years

In 1990 We came up with Stream of Unconsciousness, a tape of strangely spoken word pieces woven with even stranger music. We even extracted some exerpts from our Limpid Green days for added mystery.

Crop Circles

Then there was Crop Circles. It consisted of improvisations, in collaboration with The Post Void Radio Theater (producers of The Little City in Space), people from KFAI radio, ZXQ Universe, The Intuitive Bikers, The Infinity Art Unit, and loads of friends.


In 1991 lives became more complicated. Families and careers grew and Bat Lenny shrunk. We exited the studio we had in St. Paul and divided up the equipment with the intention of collaborating remotely. It didn't happen. Stegor recorded two solo albums (see solo projects). Other than that, Bat Lenny was pretty much non-existent...

Songs From The Belfry

...Until 1999 when we released Songs From The Belfry, a collection of remixed and remastered (to the best of our ability) selections from our nearly 20 years worth of tapes. We included one new song - The Hapless Inventor. On the strength of this song we were back in the swing.

Fractured Reflections

2005: Fractured Reflections

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2006: Shadowland (EP)

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