The Atomic Toybox

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The Atomic Toybox

This title is available as the Audible Edition (book) and the Visible Edition (CD). The 24 page 7.75" x 7.75" book features an illustration for each of the 10 songs, along with the lyrics. It's a work of art that should be enjoyed along with the music - like in the old days of vinyl.

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  1. Gravity
    It's that feeling you get when you stand on the edge and look down. What are we really afraid of? Is it height? Or is gravity the real culprit that makes our toes curl?
  2. The Shadow of Scamperance Couligran
    A story about a wee character that dances in the woods. A Wisconsin jig if there can be such a thing, with spaced out bubbling swamp synths, mandolins and freak out guitars. Murky Jollity for all.
  3. The Devil's Workshop
    Now we know where bloodshot eyes come from. Don't waste your days in the Devil's Workshop.
  4. fEar
    fEar is low... fEar is high... fEar will strike when you least expect it right between the eyes. fEar is there... fEar is here... fEar is in the rusty gears right between your ears.
  5. Cleveland!
    "There's this guy there named Rex. And if you ask him, he'll tell ya." I'd describe this one as frantic storytelling, featuring the freakiest guitar solo ever to emanate from our studio.
  6. Anything That Love Can Buy
    We all know money can't buy you love. So this song explores the most valuable currency of all... Love!
  7. Breach the Dam
    Emotional distress can sometimes spark creativity and that's certainly what happened at the cabin in the woods where we recorded this the week of June 4, 2007
  8. Transcendence
    Transcendence is an extension of our Shadowland Suite, dealing with our temporary existence on this glorious and beautiful ball of dirt.
  9. Jezebel
    The verses are a series of pity filled limericks, the center section is a barrage of angry splinters.
  10. Shadow Friend
    Spacey. Haunting. Unlike anything else you'll hear, guaranteed. Make sure you stay tuned for the surprise ending. Words and voice provided by Emma, The Nail's 8 year old daughter, through a flowing stream of consciousness.



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Shadowland (EP)

  1. Shadowland on earth is fragile, synthetic, and temporary...
  2. Confusion
    ...our flesh and blood are only as stable as the molecules holding them together...
  3. These Fragile Thoughts
    ...and when something breaks...
  4. Another Wrench in the Machine
    ...we rely on others with the same limitations as our own to fix it...
  5. Shadowland Reprise
    ...and in the final scene, the sun's a tangerine...

    Shadowland Suite is a 17 and a half minute epic about the temporary nature of our flesh and bones... and neurons.


Fractured Reflections

Fractured Reflections

  1. The Hapless Inventor
    Originally released on Songs From the Belfry, but since only about 12 people actually heard it, we decided to lead off with it here. It marked a turning point in many ways. Our fidelity benchmark song.
  2. Electric Mobility Moments
    The name came from one of Bernard's suggestions for a band name. Our most dancable song. A polyrhythmic instrumental complete with a little violin (literally) and low tech mayonnaise jar lids mixed in with the high tech
  3. Woe to the Pharisees
    The most progressive song here. A slightly tricky time signature and some 'tron and purple organ and a few words from someone we all admire...
  4. 111
    Only The Nail really knows the full meaning of this one. It has something to do with his side job as a flat foot. This is our most late night song.
  5. There Go I
    We had Led Zeppelin's 4 Sticks in mind, but it went somewhere totally else. Probably our quirkiest song. Life's dangerous. Try not to spill...
  6. King of Many
    We approached a Roxy Music feel without even trying. Probably our most beautiful song
  7. One-Eleven
    Same song as 111 but you'd hardly know it. Our most impromptu song. This one was done almost in one take, live with a few overdubs. We only have 6 hands ya know...
  8. Shallow as a Spoon
    Dedicated to someone out there, somewhere. Unfortunately relationships sometimes wear thin. Our most cabaret song. Now we're brittle as an egg, distant as the moon... shallow as a spoon
  9. Porchlight
    An electrified folk song. Sing this around the campfire - or the porch light. Dedicated to our favorite place to be - a cabin in the woods of Northern Wisconsin. This would be our catchiest song.
  10. Blue Tail Fly
    Our strangest, most mysterious song. It has something to do with the relativity of time, and a fly, and a tornado
  11. Life Inside
    The basic track was recorded in 1989! It took us 16 years to record it and The Nail still wants to do it over. Our most uplifting song; it makes you want to start the cd over.


Songs From the Belfry

Songs From The Belfry
This is a collection of songs previously released on cassettes, and some never released, cleaned up and remastered digitally

  1. Speedy I • 1991 Previously unreleased
  2. Musical Transportation Spree • 1983 + 1991 Theme from the radio show
  3. Flypon • 1984 Quasi Quo
  4. Limpid • 1988 March of the Small Ones
  5. Spiderweb Lace • 1983 Pastoral Pleasantries
  6. Circle Roulade • 1987 March of the Small Ones
  7. Hildon Replies • 1983 Quasi Quo
  8. Kevab • 1988 March of the Small Ones
  9. The Z-Domain • 1985 Previously unreleased
  10. October 31st • 1983 Quasi Quo
  11. Surf • 1985 March of the Small Ones
  12. Deep Six • 1983 Pastoral Pleasantries
  13. Delphi • 1985 March of the Small Ones
  14. Follow the Road of Steel • 1992 Stream of Unconsciousness
  15. Now That's Interesting • March of the Small Ones
  16. Fish Jar Brain • 1992 Stream of Unconsciousness
  17. Big Fat Monkey • 1985 March of the Small Ones
  18. The Big Scissors • 1983 Previously unreleased
  19. Reptillia • 1983 Previously unreleased
  20. I should Be • 1987 March of the Small Ones (unreleased version)
  21. The Hapless Inventor • 1999 (Previously unreleased)
  22. Speedy II • 1991 (Previously Unreleased)


Crop Circles

Crop Circles
This recording is a joint effort by numerous people, including members of Bat Lenny, The Post Void Radio Theater (producers of The Little City in Space), people from KFAI radio, ZXQ Universe, The Intuitive Bikers, The Infinity Art Unit, and loads of friends.

"Crop Circles" was assembled from an extensive amount of raw material which was perhaps a bit "difficult" at times, but had moments of spark and brilliance. These moments were extracted, some looping & editing performed on them, and reassembled. The result is surprisingly coherent and melodic. "A Man of Sound Mind" was taken from this same reel, but stands on it's own, with no editing. "Cosmic Corkscrew" was recorded a couple years later, and also is presented unedited. "Spontaneous Human Percussion" was recorded live in a big cavernous concrete room. Artists came and went during the performance, swapping instruments and devices. At times the band outnumbered the audience. It is presented unedited, as it happened.

  1. Crop Circles
    a. Bent But Not Broken
    b. Geometric Paths
    c. Area 51
    d. Dead Cows
    e. Close Encounters of the Unkind
    f. Missing Time
    g. Through the Trees
  2. A Man of Sound Mind
  3. Cosmic Corkscrew
  4. Spontaneous Human Percussion


Stream of Unconsciousness

Stream of Unconsciousness
Spoken words and freaky music. From absurd to frightening.

  1. Fish Jar Brain
  2. Fast Track
  3. A Dark Room
  4. Follow the Road of Steel
  5. One Fish Two Fish Sunfish Carp
  6. Bejie
  7. Buzzards
  8. Alien Voices
  9. Yellow Dishes
  10. Stream of Unconsciousness


March of the Small Ones

March of the Small Ones
Recognized as a Home Taping classic.

  1. Kelly I
  2. Mechanical Spider Clinic
  3. Circle Roulade
  4. Momma
  5. Surf
  6. Big Fat Monkey
  7. Delphi
  8. Mr. Yuck
  9. The Protoculture Matrix
  10. Kevab
  11. Now That's Interesting
  12. Flaming Round Doorways
  13. Kelly II

Quasi Quo

Quasi Quo
Experi - Mental.

  1. Ancient History...

Pastoral Pleasantries

Pastoral Pleasantries
Experi - Mental.

  1. Pre-History...